Featured Product

Hi All

How to make our item featured in themeforest listing? Is it choosen by envato team or we can register to get featured


Envato team is making the decisions.

all Featured Item(s) carefully hand-picked by envato market content specialists team. But the selection criteria is not public.

Does Envato know all of the new author? or how long Envato will know us as on their author? so they can consider our item to be featured

If your item is good and take attention, they actually do it pretty quick. One of my item was featured just 11 days after approval.

Hmm I feel I created a good item, but I don’t know there is no one of my item is featured

“Template kits” category may be excluded but no offense, your items look generic.

Really? Can you give me whats the reason why you said my items are generic? It can be my insight, maybe I dont know something to make it unique