Featured my Track!

congratulations! :slight_smile:

what about my track,

do you guys thinks deserves to be featured

Currently is https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-acoustic-folk/22816837 featured this week.

I have never seen “featured file” so often deleted and changed 3 times in 1 week. Obviously there were significant reasons.

Laughing Out Loud aka LOL

The staff that is responsible for making those decisions at Audiojungle’s Featured file comittee has proven time and again they can’t be fair, or impartial, because it seems they do not follow in precision what is going on our favourite site! And trust me, I love Envato and Aj site and staff, but these guys need a wake up call and some truly honest constructive criticism!
Plus the featured file system, as it is right now, seems to be super unfair…
Everyone can see that we need a new system, that can grant more hardworking and talented AJ authors the chance of being featured!
Why can’t you have 3-4 authors featured every single day?
Why can’t more authors get the light shine on their best tracks and then convert that attention to their portfolios and sell much more, which will be greatly beneficial for the site and for more authors?