Featured Item - Featured Author

I noticed for the last few years the featured item and featured author was always linked. The featured author was always whoever was selected for the featured item. I even brought up an instance a while ago where because of this automatic linking, the author who was chosen as the featured author of the week had an inappropriate username and profile image, which would not have happened if it wasn’t automated.

Today I have been selected to have featured item of the week, which I am happy about, but this also seems to be the first week in years where the featured item and featured author are not linked together since I am somehow not also the featured author, even after it has been changed.

I find it strange and honestly a little frustrating that the one time I finally get featured is also the one time that they decide to unlink the two after it being that way for years. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the feature, but you have to admit this situation is a little unfair.

well i have been featured author buddy but never had any feathered item indeed … and that was not so very long ago , something like 3 years ago , something like this … congrats for the featured item , happy for u :slight_smile:

do not be so sad about featured author, as for my experience, this brings u more followers but no more sales and it also depends on which month u get featured, months until summer are not likely to be as profitable as all the others indeed

I just wanted the badge lol, that’s all. Though it still doesn’t make sense that every week for the past few years have had both features be the same person every single time until it was my turn.

And for me, in terms of sales it’s been quite a the opposite, not only has this been the best time of the year for me, but all the best year in general.

lol i can figure this out , indeed , u deserve it anyways for your work as an author as a helping hand for other people and so on … :slight_smile: as for the “pairing” i had never noticed but honestly i believe what u are saying this is certainly true
let me correct a thing, i u do not mind … featured items usually , as for i know , so what i heard from it , means big sales … for featured authors, this means a lot more followers but no sale , just other authors, having a look at your items, which is cool, but bringing nothing to the table in terms of sales