Featured Image for Categories/Tags on frontend

Now, there are a few plugins that seem to offer this but the functionality either only appears in the backend of Wordpress, broken, or outdated. What inspired this idea was NewInvi theme but that developer has disappeared.

Here is a screenshot of his version Link 1
Here is the link to the actual site Link 2

The idea that I have in mind is for this plugin to have a feature that showcases the latest used category or tags with an image. Once you click that image it leads you to their category. The best example of that is used here but isn’t built on Wordpress. Link 3

Another inspiration is from Youtube when they list your subscriptions and then takes you to their page Link 4

Both look pretty sleek.

If something like that was made into a plugin it’d be very useful. I’m aware of https://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-categories-widget/422878?s_rank=8 but technically it isn’t sorted how I want. It can only be sorted by category name or the amount of posts in a category.

Hopefully someone can help, thanks.