Featured Author - Thank you Envato :-)

Thank you very much for the Feature this week. Very happy to see that green Guitar on the AJ homepage. A big thank you also to the reviewers, who, after four years of membership and a combined 162 tracks never rejected a single item. Makes me a little bit proud, but also very thankful to Audiojungle, since discovering it in December 2011 really changed my life in ways I could have never imagined!!
Thanks a lot for this!!
All the best and Cheers from Berlin,


Congrats, well deserved! :wink:

Congrats mate! Wish you more success.

Congrats dude ! great accomplishment ! Btw, Berlin i funking awesome ! :slight_smile:

Congrats, mate! Well deserved!

Wow congrats, must have really good tracks, Il check them out now!

My Congrats, mate!!! Nice Achievement!!!:airplane::rocket::helicopter::monorail::tada::slight_smile:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sascha! :slight_smile:

Great work and a well deserved feature!

Congratulations :wink:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

It’s cool! Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Good on ya!

Congratulations Enjoy it!

Congratulations! Well deserved feature.


Enjoy the moment and good luck!

Congrats…!!! :slight_smile: