"Featured Author" page position

I have a proposal for Envato and i think it should work much more better for featured authors.
I was thinking about this for days and what this position means…I think it should be positioned on upper page (like featured files). Should be something like :
==Featured File== current position
==Featured Author== under featured file…
This is pretty nice priviledge for authors and should be positioned on a decent place :slight_smile:

I invite designers to share their ideas on picture (im not able to do it) :slight_smile:

Agreed. I think the featured author position should be at least above the free files of the month section. It’s just too low to be seen at the moment (in my opinion).

…hurry up and change it before I’m featured! :wink:


I had something in my thoughts about to move files from “people that i follow” to the place where the featured author is?
I mean, if i really want to see new files from authors that i follow i will find it at the place…Because featured author is i think, more important then “people that i follow” files…My opinion! :slight_smile:

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+1 @Mega-Music

Or something on the side. Somehow this will take new items block down and when a customer enter any market place he is looking at them, then navigation bar. Maybe if the search line section is smaller, that would be ok.

Agree. But if you know LONG LONG LONG history of this question, there was numerous proposals about placement of featured files and authors. Nothing changed since then.

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It’s good to wake the old ancient proposal about that :slight_smile: I was looking at the page and it’s really somehow, on bad place.

Agree. There’s no point being featured author if you’re gonna be last thing on page. I’m just telling that because of @AurusAudio :slight_smile:

Many featured authors said on forums that being featured didn’t change much. The main reasons for this are: 1) the position - on the bottom ( I think people tend to access only what they see on the main page without scrolling too much down) and 2) the fact that featured author doesn’t show on mobile- at least on my phone.
So yes, why not make 4 sqares available for the featured author under the feature files.

Exactly what i thought the same…I think it will really help to featured authors.