Feature request: Support for retina image sizes for item previews

I’ve noticed that item thumbnails and preview images are limited to recommended sizes of 80x80 and 590x300, respectively. However, on any retina device (most Mac’s and mobile devices for example), these images appear quite blurry.

Support for a retina (2x size) version of these images would be a great feature to have.

Hi, You can export best quality preview images. We have not found any issues like this blurry images.

If you have any reference screenshots ? Then anyone easy understand the issue.

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Separating the CSS into individual files is a worthwhile task. Linking the separate CSS files using the relevant media attribute allows the browser to identify which files are needed immediately (because they’re render-blocking) and which can be deferred. Based on this, it allocates each file an appropriate priority https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development.