feature request in Item upload process

ok this is something like a feature request and if this voice will be redirected to appropriate person or team would be great

The problem:
recently I’ve uploaded new theme in WordPress category, after 6 days I’ve discovered that in my function.php i forgot to uncomment one of the important code section, so now I nee to delete it and reupload it again, since normal review time for this category is about 7 or 9 days this means I will lose another week in this very dummy mistake.
Talking is not about one single code section, I believe many of authors wanted to change something in the uploaded item or add the comment to reviewer after item is submitted,

the question:
I think this will be a not big challenge to add such function so that we could add at least comment (ideally i wanted to change my uploaded item ) for uploaded item, if reviewer is taking a look after 7-9 days and item is in the queue i don’t think this will be a big problem and we can imagine how this will improve upload process and how this feature can save our time, for both of us reviewers and authors

Sorry i cant see the category for this question :smile:

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