[Feature Request] Featured Author Spot

Hi there gentlemen,

IMO featured Authors don’t get the attention thy deserve. Their spot is located on the lower half of the page which people don’t see immediately, even if they are heading to the free files. My suggestion would be to glue the featured author to the free files to generate more attention:



Please let me know what you think.



Not bad idea! But for some reason it seems to me that it is a trifle.:wink:

Could be a small thing fo you, but not for the featured authors, which repeatedly stated they had no big improvement in sales while being featured. A small improvemt in the site structure could lead to more exposure.

I think the site structure means priority of featured and free items above featured authors. This is understandable.
I am not sure something will be changed because so many discussions were around this problem, but so far nothing has been modified.