[Feature request] "Feature request"


I was wondering if it wouldn´t be a good idea to have a “feature request” for plugins/themes and everything else. I notice that, many customers post feature requests on plugins/themes in the comments section, and maybe others request the same and so the comment section just fills up with the same requests, so why not have a list of feature requests where people can just post a very short (maybe just 150 to 200 words) description of their feature request and others can look it up and “thumb up” the feature request? This would help the developers to see what is needed in their plugins which would help them develop a better product, which in return would give the customer a better product, not to mention, sell better which would benefit all parties involved.
Of course, this would also have to have the option for the developers to comment on the feature request if it is not needed in the plugin or has nothing to do with what the plugin is about.