[Feature Request] Choosing which countries to sell to (like App Store or Google Play do)

@Envato I am rewriting this post in a more generic way. I ask commenters to avoid political confrontation.

I believe many of us have obligations from their own governments not to sell to certain countries. I am requesting a feature to select to which country each item can be sold to, just like other marketplaces do (App Store, Google Play).

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But if you are an opponent of political confrontation, why would you want to choose countries?

I do not oppose political confrontation on this forum, but Envato does. They are closing and deleting all posts that refer to ongoing events, whatever the kind.

My feature request stands regardless of the current news, which I will not discuss. In my opinion, Envato should have implemented such a feature from the very beginning.

I think it’s a good idea to avoid political confrontations here on this site. And to discuss such things is of course necessary, but on certain resources.

As for sales restrictions, as far as I know, there are no such sanctions at the moment, so you don’t have to worry and sell without any restrictions at all.

Going back to the generic argument for such a feature to exist, let me show you a some examples.

Invoicing taxes in Italy for some countries is more difficult than others.

For example, I might want to avoid US sales in order to avoid sending modules about double taxation.

Or I might want to avoid Trinidad and Tobago sales due to its fiscal paradise blacklisting status.

Furthermore, I might use country-based distribution to distribute variations of the same item. I might want to sell RTL versions of some items to Arab countries only, for example. Or I might not want to support RTL and therefore I might be willing to remove Arab countries from the pool of customers.

There’s a long list of reasons to have this feature, not just the one that you are assuming.

That and… custom pricing for all countries.

There are so many problems, for instance, any Serbian can sell to his fellow Serbian friend an item only in RSD (Serbian currency). You cannot possibly within the law sell anything in other currency. So, you’re basically breaking the law while doing it, and it’s forced by Envato. You cannot do anything about it other to not sell here.


Yep, I can confirm that - conflict between Serbian residents and PayPal.
But in theory, Envato is the one who is sending us money on PayPal / SWIFT - that is the “last transaction”.

There are also other things - I hade several customers which has set “No Name” or “None” or (empty) as a buyer name on invoices (Envato auto generated invoices) - I think that kind of invoices are not valid.

Invalid invoices are normal: they depend on what the buyer types in the fields. If the buyer types “No Name”, then you are issuing an invoice to “No Name”. I mean, who cares, it’s a problem for the buyer, not for the seller.