[Feature Request] Automatic YouTube Content ID banners

Hi, everyone!

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but I wanted to share with you an idea to help us AJ authors with our submission process.

If you want to skip the long explanation below, I prepared a short video where I demonstrate my idea:

This whole idea started when I noticed that the image used as a YouTube Content ID warning for the buyers is low-resolution and gets blurry on high-resolution displays, such as retina displays or other devices. Then I realized that that image is nothing but a screenshot of a message box that AudioJungle is already capable of generating (e.g. the one with the orange flag reading “This is one of your items”), using pure HTML and CSS, already in place on the server.

So, why not adding automatically the warning message box about the YouTube Content ID to all the tracks that are registered with a YouTube Content ID?

I am pretty new to AudioJungle and have only three items (plus one on CodeCanyon). But I have already got one soft-rejection just because I forgot to include the image with the warning. Why not adding that banner automatically to every item, considering that it is mandatory? I could understand if the whole thing implied a drastic re-design of the server. Conversely, this idea can be implemented in a bunch of seconds.

Of course, I understand that all the items already including that warning as an image should be fixed. But also this could be easily automated from the server.

I would really love to hear what you think about this.



Really good idea. I agree!

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Excellent idea @luigipulcini! Way to illustrate your points via demonstration and video production. Big :thumbsup: from me!!

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Wow… thanks for your enthusiasm, @MidnightSnap! :blush:

Wow! I thought about this problem a while ago but now it seems real. Hope you will help the whole AJ :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @LeadSound.
Envato has already amazing programmers in its team. I just wanted to demonstrate that putting something like that together is just a matter of a very little effort from a coding point of view. I hope they can implement my idea at some point. :wink:

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Oh, the automatic insertion of a YouTube Content ID message could even be done letting the authors decide where in the description they want to display the message, using shortcodes (like in WordPress).

For example, a placeholder [ytcid] or simply [cid] would be replaced with the YouTube Content ID message. This way the authors can place it anywhere they want it in the description.
If the author fails to insert the shortcode, instead of soft-rejecting the track (and lengthen the approval process for the reviewers), the script would automatically insert the message either at the top or at the bottom of the description.

I think this would be beneficial for any party: the authors (that see this process automated), the clients (that will still have a clear warning about the matter) and the reviewers (that could shorten the reviewing process, when authors forget about the warning).