[feature request] Add an "idea cart" in Elements to save ideas to a project for later review

As I am browsing through the site I often get inspired on how I may use a creative asset for a certain project. Often times, I may want to compare several options. Currently, I tend to have several tabs open side by side for things I want to come back to.

A common scenario is that I’m working on Project “A” and see something that might work for Project “B.” I open a tab to remember it for later. Later, I ask myself, “why did I open this tab?”

Elements already has the concept of projects. What I’d love is to add assets to a per-project shopping cart, or “idea cart.” That way, when it’s time to work on Project “B” I go back to Elements, view my ideas for the project and look for similar assets.

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Hi @newz2000! Sorry about the slow reply :slight_smile:

This is a new feature that’s only recently become available in Elements - all items now have a “bookmark” tool that allows you to add them to one or more collections. We’ve seen a lot of people start using this to track projects, exactly as you’ve described.

To use it, just click on the icon next to the Download button on any item page:

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Great, that looks perfect!