Feature needed to find particular item sales only

I have a plugin whose HTML and JavaScript is done by my friend and i am doing the WordPress part. My friend wants half of the income from that plugin. But my problem is i cannot find the total sales of single plugin on the earning and statement page. i can only see the total earnings from all the plugins. Can somebody help me with this ??

Click on ‘portfolio’ from your menu. You might have to change from grid to list view, or vice versa, but one of the views will show total income, and income per month, for each item.

Yes it shows but what if i have to see previous months income/item sales ?? Is there any option for this ??

And i can see it shows the total item sales but i want to see sales according to the month.

Yeah, no feature for that unfortunately. Although such a feature would be good… you could always half the total income, and minus any previous payments, until something better is available.

Can’t you put my query to the envato developer team ?? I think it will be very helpful for other users also.