FCP7 3D Simulation Cross Zoom FCPX Equivalent

I’m looking for an fcpx transition that does what the old 3D simulation Cross Zoom did in FCP7.
I’ve yet to find a similar effect that works this way for FCPX.
The effect would work between two clips by zooming up the A then zooming down the B.
You could also use it as I have above by applying it on a graphic element. If the element was off center, it had a “select center” crosshair tool that would correct for that so that it zoomed down from the center.

I see a lot of these type effects for fcpx but I need one that works on a graphic element like this:

I was able to make a transition in Motion that kind of works, but if the object is not in the center it flys in from the side instead of obscuring the full frame. I couldn’t figure out how to make it z-down from the center. If you try to use keyframes it does a weird sloping move to the off center spot.