FC Bayern München FB fanpage choose Audiojungle!


Its nice to be part of the content created for a fanpage with over 38 million likes, they recently used my track “Sport” as part of their frequent videos from the training grounds.

And yesterday they chose one of LumenMedia’s tracks, “Fashionable”

Yey! :slight_smile:


right…shame Envato does not allow to post links Iv had here for the videos from the fanpages…


Great! Cheers! :clap::beers:


At least you found your music in a video, sometimes its imposible. Congratulations!!! :smiley:


its impossible, unless you spend too much time of facebook :wink:


Thats great. Congratulations!!:slight_smile:


That’s cool, man!:slight_smile: Congratulations!:sparkles:Track “Sport” very powerful and energetic - right choose :thumbsup:


That us amazing! Keep spreading the success @boomopera!