FbLikeStatus - Facebook Like Status Script : Incomplete scripts

This script is incomplete, seems more a project that was never finished, and began to sell in Codecanyon.net a site that leaves much to be desired.

First: The site administrator does not work.
When trying to save the page breaks, as if losing the style, and does not save

Second: SEO chronic Url / not working.
the only thing that makes the SEO option is mysite.com / video-1, and in the title see the description, and again in description.

Three: htaccess is empty.

Someone can explain how to install the chat?

If I edit on the code, all this happens because of the administrator do not work.(does not save)

Emails help provided by the creator, two did not work and one did not answer.

Item URL : freelanceonweb.com/fblikestatus
Contact: contact@freelanceonweb.com
Support: freelanceonweb.com/forum

Can someone help or at least explain to me how I can make this work properly?