Favourite game soundtrack?

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon an old install disc of one of my all time favourite games: the extremely underrated gem named Outcast. Many of the fond memories about playing it can be related back to it’s outstanding soundtrack. In my opinion by far the most beautiful soundtrack a game has ever had. Composed by Lennie Moore, and performed by the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra.

Entering a high level soldier camp, knowing they have you outnumbered. But still putting up a fight, accompanied by the track at 3:21, timing killing the very last enemy soldier at the climactic ending of the track.

Exploring the world of Adelpha with the track at 10:12 on the background. Awesome stuff!

0:00 Prelude
0:12 Daokas
3:21 Soldier’s Camp
10:12 Heaven On Adelpha
15:15 World Of Marshes
18:58 Main Theme
21:09 The Ancient Forest World
28:22 Watch Out!
31:26 Let’s Fight
35:44 World Of Snow
43:25 World Of Temples
50:24 Main Theme (Reprise)
51:28 Oriental Spirit
58:32 World Of Mountains

If you have the time, listen through, you won’t be disappointed!

Please share your favourite game sountracks as well!


Thanks for sharing! Nice composition and very pleasant sonicly. Reminds me of Star Wars soundtracks :smiley:
My fav game OST is definitely Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill series soundtracks. :slight_smile:
Another one I love is from indie game Element4l, written by Mind Tree - genious Australian guy.

But if we speak about score-type soundtrack, for me personally the best is Gareth Coker’s “Ori and Blind forest” OST. He did incredible job!:smile:

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Gaat soundtracks. I was impressed by the Call of Duty Modern Warfare OST at that moment but I’m not much of a player. Hans Zimmer is the composer.

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This is a cool song

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My first game and my first love. Great music :smiley_cat:

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Here is a classic for ya: :sunglasses:

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Great stuff guys. That SID sound of those commodore64 games!! Nostalgic as hell!

For Commodore 64 (the greatest of all time)…:
MYTH (please start from 3:00) - This is really insanely great composition


Lots of golden times OST’s here! I’m leaning toward nostalgia too, since my favorites belong to:
-The whole Myst saga;
-Omikron: The Nomad Soul;
-Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

These 3 titles inspire me since over a decade and will keep going forever, I believe.

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Surprisingly many really old games!

I forgot about new games. Witcher 3. :racehorse:


Main theme from Morrowind.

Double Dragon II (NES).

And Quake 2 is already posted. :slight_smile:


Nice soundtrack! My favorite is Beck - Dreams.

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My favorite track from Star Control 2 :slight_smile:

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