Fatal error in tagDiv Multi Purpose plugin for Newspaper theme

The tagDiv Multi Purpose plugin has deactivated itself. When I activate it, I get this message:

Fatal error: Cannot declare class td_api_multi_purpose, because the name is already in use in /code/wp-content/plugins/td-multi-purpose/td-multi-purpose.php on line 43

I’ve made no changes to any of the .php files. I’ve tried reinstalling the theme and turning off/on all the other plugins in search of an incompatibility. Because I can’t use the plugin, I can’t edit my pages.

I also get this error on the homepage: Error at rows: 4(models) : 3(dom). The model does not match the content Current state has involved an issue. You could try an UNDO operation (CTRL+Z / CTRL+SHIFT+Z)


Please contact the theme author to get support: