False Advertising!!!! I'm really unhappy.

I am creating a iPhone iMessage group chat for a client of mine - the deadline is very near.

I bought a Chat & Notify Elements after effects project. On the preview video - it shows EXACTLY what I want… the iMessage chat - bubbles, delivered sign and everything shows well.

I bought this and where is it? There are 10 others - but this one thing that’s shown on the video - is’t there.

SO, I bought another one “text messaging toolkit” - that also shows in the preview video that it has iMessage chat - but where is this? I spent money twice and I can’t even use it for the reason I purchased it for.

Now I and the client are very unhappy.

Please advise on what to do,

Many thanks,


First, contact the author. We don’t know anything about what item you bought and how can we help you.

Hi Nierodha,

Did you realize you were purchasing customizable After Effects templates, or were you expecting pre-rendered .mov files?

For the items you’ve purchased, you’ll need to have Adobe After Effects installed on your computer to create the graphics for your project.

This doesn’t fall into the category of “false advertising”, since both items are clearly listed and described as Adobe After Effects templates.

If you’re inexperienced with After Effects, or don’t own a copy or Adobe subscription, as @DOGmotion mentioned, your best bet would be to contact the authors to see if they might be able to help customize the project for you.

I feel your pain @Nierodha
It’s not really false advertising, but misleading.

For example, the previews for text toolkit are all flashy, yet the script itself is very hard to use and it takes forever to create a video.

Although this might sound like self-promotion, for the past 3 months I’ve been working on such a script (1600 lines of code) so it’s very easy to create a video like that…

You just type your text, add your avatars images and BAM!!! It’s done.

The project is complete, I’m looking for bugs now.
(estimating it will be live on videohive this month).

Let me know if you want to beta test it.

Also, here’s a screenshot of it: