fake theme

I bought the Newspaper theme, but I was given the fake theme, This theme is not working properly, no button is enabled and disabled, Either fix my problem, otherwise my money returned

Do you mean https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609

That is one of the most famous themes on envato and @tagDiv is one of the most respected authors around, so definitely not a fake.

When you say it’s not working - presumably your have installed and set it up correctly, installed the demo data etc?

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It tells the famous theme, that’s why I bought it, but I have been upset since the whole day, none of its, enable / disable buttons work, see in the screen shot,

It’s hard to advise without seeing the admin etc but your best option is to ask @tagDiv https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609/support

At an initial guess -

  • make sure your PHP is up to date.

  • Also looks like you may be running other plugins which could be conflicting. If possible I’d try to if those off and see if that impacts anything

The author should be able to conform the solution though.

I have tried everything, still the problem is not fixed, I have mailed several times but none of the answers came,

I have mailed several times

You mean you’ve registered on their support forum, posted a ticked and waited at least 24h?

How to trust, I have been troubled for the whole day, this theme has cost me ₹ 4875. If our problem is not fixed, then refund our money, otherwise we will all discuss about it on social media

This is general forum. We can’t help you with item issues, we can only point you in the right direction.
Again, you need to get in touch with the author using either their support forum or comments section. Only the author of the theme will be able to help you. Threatening here is absolutely pointless, you are only alienating people trying to help you.

Support forum

Comments section

This is not a Threatening, you have been made aware of what has happened to me, And I am at a loss, I will definitely discuss it.

Almost certainly this is something simple to fix and more than likely not the theme at fault.

If you follow the links @LSVRthemes shared then the author will be able to help.

Out of interest:

- what version of PHP are you using?

- what version of WP are you using?

- what plugins are you using that are not part of the theme? You have tried turning ALL of these off where possible?

FYI refunds are only given for genuinely broken themes - this simply does not sound like it is broken (esp given the reputation) so without at least trying to speak to the author or is highly unlikely that envato would approve a refund

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I have received your email and I have already replied to you. Please note that we go through a busy period and that’s why our replies might be delayed. Let’s continue there our discussion.

Best regards!
Catalin L.

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