fake client

I have a client that bought my theme with fake name

example: aaa dsjaldksjal … this is clearly not a valid client… what can I do ???

I see this a lot too, with my customers.
Why do you need their real name? Tax purposes perhaps?

Since this is a community forum, I would recommend getting in touch with support if you have any concerns, which you can do at: http://enva.to/help

Did he use fake money? If not, I don’t see what the problem is.

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if you are a company you know why this is a big problem, because of legal problems…

Thank you, I contacted Envato, but I doubt that I’m going to get an answer as fast as I need

Ok, but how can you be sure any of the names on the invoices are real?

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true, but having names like asd with address 11 1111111 etc… is to clear that is fake isn’t it ?

I’m curious what anwser you will get from Envato

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