Failure on Shopkeeper Theme update

I got an email with a notification of an update available for our Shopkeeper theme. I clicked the link to go to the page, clicked the download the installation file only.

When I instaledl the Shopkeeper Theme update, I get this error message:

“Unpacking the package…
Installing the plugin…
The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
Plugin installation failed.”

So I extracted the and it simply has the files.

I suspected the download may have been corrupted so I downloaded it again but got the same error message.

I suspected the filename description of the update file was a bit long so I shortened it and tried installing again. I got the same error message.

So how can I install this Shopkeeper update?


you are trying to install theme from plugins. Also theme is already installed so you have to use ftp to overwrite/replace the exist theme.

You can use Envato Market WordPress Plugin to get auto update features. This plugin helps customers receive updates to their premium wordpress Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon).
you can download the plugin from here:

Using this Envato Market WordPress Plugin you will see:

  1. Latest version (need to update version) number
  2. Details view option for the latest version

otherwise you can download the update version from Envato Market Downloads page and update manually using ftp.

Note: Better to keep a full backup before doing the update.