Failed to validate license for Jeg Paywall Paypal WordPress plugin

Hello there!

I am trying to use the Jeg Paywall Paypal plugin in my website, but I can’t validate the License through Evvato Token Generation method.

I have an active subscription in Envato Elements and from there I downloaded the Jeg Paywall Paypal WordPress plugin and registered a new project with my website url.

I installed the plugin, but when I am trying to activate it asked me to enter the Envato Token key, so I followed all the instructions and I created a Envato Token key, but when I attempted to activate the plugin with this key I got the following error message:

Failed to validate license, please check if required access is granted when token created, also, please check to make sure if your account already bought the item

Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thank you!

Envato API personal token here works only for Envato Market. So, item downloaded from Envato Elements will not work. Envato API personal token only for purchased item not for free downloaded item from Envato Elements.

If you refer envato elements token -
This token can use to verify elements subscription and only can use in subscribed account in envato elements.


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Thank you for your prompt response!

So, if it is not possible to activate and use plugins like Jeg Paywall Paypal, why are these available in Envato Elements ?

I think its not possible to know from before download and install a plugin on my website, if I can finally activate and use this or no!

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Please search the plugin in and find out the author send them a direct email about the issue going through the author profile page in Envato market, there you will find a contact form.