failed installation



I bought the wp kodetravel theme, when i’m trying to install it on my admin, it fails after reaching 100% upload …
Need your help


Hi Kobi,

Did you get any error message, or did it just say installation failed?

Can you download a theme off the WP theme repo, and see if that works - it will help diagnose whether it’s the theme or not :slight_smile:

Let me know how you get on!


Hi Ash,
please explain what do u mean in "download a theme off the WP theme repo"
what i have to do …?


What happened when it failed? What was the error message?


nothing … empty window with the question - try again ?


And this is your own hosting and website NOT a site?

It sounds more like a hosting issue than the theme especially ss the theme is 5 star rated. Probably best you speak to the author


Thank’s, i’ll check it with the author