Fade In/Out

Hi People!
Somebody tell me please about Fade In/Out effect in intro/Outro in composition/

AJ takes this song? Is it good use in AJ such structure of composition or AJ don\t take such tracks?


Post a preview of your song so we can see what you’re talking about.

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The question is if this is usefull for buyers. From my point of view, a clear start and a clear end chord without any fade in/out is most accepted.

And the best is if the buyer can use the end of your song as a loop when the start fits to it (without seemsless looping) to replay your song or let it end when he wants. Know what I mean?

Think about it: Video editors can easily fade tracks in and out if needed. What they cannot do so easily is create a convincing, catchy opening and ending…this is where you come in :wink: