factoryhub installation error

I’ve downloaded the factoryhub theme and during install I am getting this error:
The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
I noticed that is a help file in the install zip I got from ThemeForest.
So I tried installing without the help file, Still failed with the same error.
I just bought this template.
Please help.

You have to download the Item from your Envato Dashboard Downloads then have to unzip and you will see a .zip file name with matching your theme name. You have to install that themename .zip file.
you can check this helpful article stylesheet error

Thanks for your quick reply.
I’ve read that article.
The theme comes in a zip package containing the following 2 folders:
I tried to install the factoryhub_them folder only via ftp. I got the same error.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the folder structure.

That looksl ike a HTML template and not a WP theme.

DId it cost: $49 like this
OR did it cost $17 like this (not a WP theme)


Hi Charlie,
You are correct. I didn’t have the right file.
I just bought the correct one and after I installed it I am seeing two factory hub themes.
One says factoryhub one says factoryhub child
Did I install it correctly?

yes you isntalled correctly. factoryhub is the parent theme and factoryhub child is the child theme. please active child theme. best parctice is to use child theme because in future you can upadte parent theme and no effect will occur on child theme. so, your customization work in child theme will keep safe. please check theme documentation how to use the theme you will get necessary support there. Thanks

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Thanks very much for all your help :slight_smile:

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