Factory, Company And Industry Theme using WPML

Long shot - has anyone on here used the Factory, Company And Industry Theme theme with WPML successfully? Specifically XLIFF importing?

I need to show my client proof that this site is WPML compatible and using languages fine. He doesn’t believe this to be the case so i need to gather some evidence to prove otherwise!

Have you tried asking the author @template_path ? Maybe they have seen it done before?

I’ll tag them into this thread :smiley:


You send send your question via our support center https://templatepath.ticksy.com/

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Hey oooh sorry must be 2 themes woth almost the same name! Author is djmimi. This theme: https://themeforest.net/item/industry-factory-company-and-industry-wp-theme/14982305

Sorry! I have writen to them anyway. Just wondered if i got any links to successful wpml sites via this forum. Thanks guys, sorry to have not been clearer on the theme!!

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