facing issue with Divi theme

I’m facing an issue with my site, and don’t know what is the actual problem.
when I try to update my homepage and open visual Editor it’s doesn’t Load the page to edit and show me an error or redirecting back to the normal homepage where we can’t edit it.
before I was facing the same issue at seogbtools and find a way to edit by disabling all Plugins. but it’s not a way to work as I’ve more than 10 plugins and every time when I need to edit page have to disable them and then after work done all Plugins need to setted again as it was.because they don’t save Setting of them.
any solution for it?

Divi theme is not being sold on this marketplace, you need to seek help on their dedicated support channels (just search for Divi on google).

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oh my bad let me check it,
but can you tell me a little what can be the problem?

Not really, again, you need to get in touch with the Divi support on their own site.