Facebook vs Google+


Hi, friends!

I’m planning a promotion in social networks. But now consider what network to join - Facebook or Google+. I have a channel on YouTube and, accordingly, there is Google+ page. But I think there is a very complicated interface. With Facebook I never encountered…

So I want to ask from more experienced authors:

  • What social networks do you promote your products?
  • What advantages is for you there?
  • Have you tried different sites, or used one from the beginning?

Please, advise me something. I don’t have time to try everything.

Thanks in advance!

PS. Sorry for my bad English. :slight_smile:


Hi , I use , and I think that the best promotion (as practice and experience) it’s Facebook , YouTube , and your website )))


Thanks for answer, @WildLion_Production.

But, why Facebook? What are its advantages?


By the way, if I post my music on YouTube, it will not to be a violation of the rules of Envato?


Should be ok since YouTube is not a selling platform. The same applies to Soundcloud. I uploaded some titles on both sites and put a link to Envato. In this sense it’s more a sales promotion than a competition.
Without this, it is extremely difficult to sell anything at all (at least in my case… Author Level 2, and the sales figures seem to be frozen :disappointed:


Thanks for answer @Klangwerkstatt , I hope your selling will fly up!


The advantages of Facebook is that there is advertising which can promote your page or group , and it’s certainly not free )


Yes it’s good, but Google have AdSense. Using this, you can promote immediately YouTube and Google+ page.


Aha , but I didn’t know that ( Can you tell me more about it )))?


I read that it’s possible, but don’t know the details, because I’m only starting my journey as an author. Sorry.


:smile: Yeah, thanks! For sure it will work now. I will invite you to the Level 15 Party :smile:


Ok, agreed! :smile:


Yesterday I checked into facebook.

Their interface is much easier and logical, than google+. Besides, after a last change design of google, from their +pages can’t post news, join communities, write to other users, etc. At least I have not found such a function, neither on the website nor in the help.

In result, I decided develop our facebook account.

Thanks to all for the tips!