Facebook page..


Not too recently I started promoting my work and myself via Facebook, and it’s been going well. I figured I should post this here, as these marketplaces were my home for a long time and thus I share lots of interests with most of you.

That said, if you’re into visual effects, digital assets, photography, CGI, concept art, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, etc. I would like you to visit my FB page. Furthermore, if you have a project/some work (within or outside these marketplaces) that you would want me to share to the world, please let me know. I will review it and if it fits the aforementioned content, share it.

Or, if you simply want some weekly feed about the aforementioned topics, feel free to like the page as well!
Anyhow, that’s my shameless plug of the day.

Have a great Thursday and keep it easy.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/chris.honninger.art