Facebook Instagram Twitter Feed former Flow-Flow plugin misleading advertising

Almost a year ago I bought the plugin, it works very well with Twitter. In the case of Instagram it is unusable. With Facebook it works partially, the error: “DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (@) at position 0 (@): Unexpected character” is recurring and forces you to manually reactivate the feeds. During the time that I had active the payment for the support I sent the link with a temporary access which was never used by the supposed support team. I investigated and the error has to do with the PHP function db_timestamp I prefer to buy another similar plugin to pay only to solve this problem not resolved within the expired support term. Advertising to sell the plugin is somewhat misleading, it works partially, it is a detail that future buyers should know. I have many plugins that use the APIs of these same sites and they work without problems. This particular plugin is not the case. I hope my comment is not removed.

Time to time, these companies changes their terms and may remove the “feed” feature as well. If this is the case, author should provider a support ( update ) for free and you shouldn’t be paying extra for the support unless you’re requesting a custom work. In any case, you should post a comment on the item page and request an update. You can report the item to ThemeForest if you think it’s broken. They will check it again and request an update from the author - if he/she doesn’t perform, the item will be removed.

I have sent support request to the author, he has received it. I will wait for the resolution of the problem and communicate it by this means. Thanks for answering.