Facebook copyright warning: "This video has been blocked"

I created a videoclip with some video and music from Envato Elements. This video uploaded to facebook is blocked because the warning tells me content owned by The Infographics Shows

I will give you a quick translation of notice (in Italian in original).
Thank you for your help!

This video has been blocked because it may contain content owned by The Infographics Shows

Places where your video is blocked
Your video is blocked in all places, which means that people can’t see, like or comment on it.

What can you do
File a dispute if you have permission to use anything in your video. By submitting a dispute, you grant The Infographics Show, who filed this appeal, permission to review your video. If you’ve shared it publicly, he can also check out the entire post. You will have 7 days to respond.

How do I know if I have permission to use this video?
Delete this video to remove the video and any comments from your account.

Hi @DigitalcomItaly! You should be able to file a dispute with Facebook, showing that you have permission to use those items by using the item licences you can download from https://elements.envato.com/account/downloads