Facebook Ads for WordPress Theme

Does any one have experience marketing their wordpress theme on Facebook? I was wondering if it is feasible and if it is a good place to market this kind of product.

I’ve had my wordpress theme approved here 4 days ago but for some reason there is no sales and low traffic.

I was hoping if there is someone who have tried Facebook ads to market their theme can help me out here.

I do remember it was possible to advertise cheaply (almost free) and effectively on CSS gallery sites like CSSmania or Awwwards. Somewhere I have read that ratio of investment versus income from ads on social networks is not effective.

If we are selling a WordPress theme for $59, since it’s a digital product, it’s pure profit. This means we have $59 to acquire a customer via FB ads (provided we break even). This number seems decent.

I’m a decent FB marketer and have run ads to sell physical products but in the case of selling WordPress themes, I’m just not sure if I can target relevant audiences and if they will buy a theme via FB ads.

I was hoping if there was any case study, if anyone has done it already then I can learn from it.

Oh :slight_smile: my method is probably older than Facebook started its ads section at all. It would be nice to hear the experiments of others of course.