Facebook access token


I am trying to get an album from my facebook account using FB.login to get an access token, the problem is that is only working when I am logged in, if another user is logged in the access token is not valid.

I am not sure if I am doing this correctly. Any suggestion would be appreciated it.


Best to post code.

Facebook has recently restricted API access. If you are the “Developer” of the app you have full access to all data (feed, photos, albums, etc…) but as soon as someone else tries to use your app it won’t give that data to you.

Apps have to be submitted for review before they allow these permissions.

Thank you for the response.

So I must send the app for review and they will send ma token or how will this work, This is crazy, basically an app that I created can’t read the user data unless the app is reviewed… ?

Please can someone can clarify this for me because I am confused as hell. How can I load a JSON using myalbum id with the javascript API using an APP that I’ve created, all I want is to read my album, I don’t need to ask any permissions or force a login from another user, how can I get a toked for that with javascript or server side. For something like this I don’t need a login flow… I’ve spent so much time on this and the more I read the more confused I get…

Thank you.

Best to provide a copy of the code so someone here can have a play with it