ez form calculator help


I’ve contacted EZ Form Calculator support numerous times but they never reply - so this is my last resort.
I have downloaded ez form calculator and trying to duplicate how this works;

Once the person chooses how many months (1, 3 or 6) - they choose an advert size from the drop down - so if they chose 1 month it would read the advert prices for just 1 month, but it they chose 3 months it would read the discounted prices for 3 months (rather than the full price for just one month)

I also need this to connect to Paypal to allow the user to pay there and then.

How can I do this? or let me know if anyone can do this - willing to pay if its not too expensive.



I’ve added you Robert :slight_smile:


Still need help with this job, the above guys said it wasn’t possible. But surely it is just a simple tweak.


Contact me via email. I will help you Abdullah.media (@) gmail.com