Extremely High Pageviews

I have the same bump, guess it is connected with discount tests

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2 of my products are in beta testing. But that didn’t give me an advantage. At least I didn’t profit from it. I wondered who the winners are.

I was inspecting item which isn’t in this test, mb there was mailing to customers and it boosted market overall. 12th of Feb I got much more sales than usual, it should be connected with test

I have the same extremely pageviews and this due the subject that we can’t talk about on forum.

What do you mean?

We have one prohibited topic of conversation on forum, These pageviews come from there.

Ow, I see. But no, analytics shows that most of those views are direct views, not referral

Look at your referrals, and look from what sites come half of them.

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I have the same steep rise in views (no pirate sites)for all my projects but without any sales.


My google analitycs shows that my extremly views are from pirates.

Google Analytics should say much more. But I bet, it because of this:


  1. https://videohive.net/popular_item/by_category?category=after-effects-project-files/product-promo
  2. https://videohive.net/category/after-effects-project-files/product-promo
  3. https://videohive.net/popular_item/by_category?category=after-effects-project-files

OR, this is just a bug in analytics tab. Because google analytics doesn’t show so much views that and other days.

Your item is on popular page. It’s obvious that you have a lot of views. And of course there will be less sales (in comparison with viewers), because buyers not search for your item, but it shows up in front of them even if they do not want such kind of project.

You ARE on a “Popular After Effects Files”:

I mean they may look for another style etc.

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You showed real data with screenshots. That is why I turned on my “Sherlock Holmes” mode. :grinning: While sotto3d does not show any “material” to work with. So my “Sherlock” says that he just imagined it.

Once I read that someone had 120% drop of sales. After that I don’t believe that people can count properly :grinning:

UPD: About discount test. For me it’s not bring much sales.


I agree. 2 of my products are in discount tests. But traffic and sales are very bad.

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Have 6 items in this test.
Here is my sales:
And page views:

@Therealist_Shop So I do not think that it is missing opportunity.

Maybe because my products are too low. In terms of quality and number. My traffic value is 1/3 of your traffic I need to do bigger and more compact jobs.

You should probably stick with After Effects templates and stay away from your “Sherlock Holmes” mode, it will save you a lot of embarrassment.

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