Extremely High Pageviews

Hello! The high values are a little worrying. Exit rates are low (that’s good), pageviews are extremely high (I have no idea what happened), but sales haven’t changed. I’m completely insane. Someone’s idea or experience: what the hell is that?

(This is not my instagram pack, another file on a different account, a co-production with my colleagues.)


I have the same bump, guess it is connected with discount tests

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Ok, but they don’t promote me anywhere and I’m not in the beta test-team either.

2 of my products are in beta testing. But that didn’t give me an advantage. At least I didn’t profit from it. I wondered who the winners are.

I was inspecting item which isn’t in this test, mb there was mailing to customers and it boosted market overall. 12th of Feb I got much more sales than usual, it should be connected with test

I have the same extremely pageviews and this due the subject that we can’t talk about on forum.

What do you mean?

We have one prohibited topic of conversation on forum, These pageviews come from there.

Ow, I see. But no, analytics shows that most of those views are direct views, not referral

Where is this convertsation?

Look at your referrals, and look from what sites come half of them.

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Yeah, do you think it’s illegal to talk about pirate sites? More specifically, publish their names.
You’re right, I might have deleted them from the screenshot. (IMG updated)

(By the way, I’m not upset about this anymore, because I can’t do anything. After that, I have been writing the DMCA for years, completely unnecessarily. LOL.)

If you count the number of incoming visitors (pirated pages) and look at the number of visitors, my question is the same. (because only a fraction came from the pirate sites)

Who are these many and disinterested customers and from where?

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I have the same steep rise in views (no pirate sites)for all my projects but without any sales.


My google analitycs shows that my extremly views are from pirates.

Google Analytics should say much more. But I bet, it because of this:


  1. https://videohive.net/popular_item/by_category?category=after-effects-project-files/product-promo
  2. https://videohive.net/category/after-effects-project-files/product-promo
  3. https://videohive.net/popular_item/by_category?category=after-effects-project-files

OR, this is just a bug in analytics tab. Because google analytics doesn’t show so much views that and other days.

And what about sotto3d, who is not highlighted, not in the popular. I would add, I’m at the end of the list. It is also strange that they are so unmotivated, but they love the file. (based on exit and bouncing rate) When only 50-100 people watched daily, I had a lot more income. Now with 600 pageviews, bitter. It’s simply not logical.

Your item is on popular page. It’s obvious that you have a lot of views. And of course there will be less sales (in comparison with viewers), because buyers not search for your item, but it shows up in front of them even if they do not want such kind of project.

What do you mean they’re not looking for?
This is a product promotion in the product promotion category. You would be right if I was ranked first in the “Popular After Effects Files” caegory, not in “Popular Product Promotion”. (Not in terms of pageviews, but sales.)

So you would be right if someone was looking for a “transition” or “broadcast package” originally in the “Popular After Effects Files” - and I would be in the first place.

Or just that, the start of the beta promotion has ruined the entire popular position.

You ARE on a “Popular After Effects Files”:

I mean they may look for another style etc.

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