Extra Que for Review?

I can see latest days there is an extra que, which drives me crazy.
I have an iteam to codecanyon for over a day now, and it drives me crazy.

What is wrong?

While the queues do seem to be long it’s worth noting that they have been approving a LOT of files daily (far more than in the past) especially on TF - just goes to show h0w many are being submitted (probably including many that are far off the standard and wasting reviewers time)

They hire more people then. We already pay a lot of bucks from the comitions.

hi buddy u are dreaming, what do u think is going to happen if they do hire more guys to join the envato team, they will be willing to raise your fees again, in addition the waiting is not that much of a big deal anyway all markets are that saturated that items are nowhere to be found especially the good ones and let me add something too , indeed nowadays unlike what seemed to happen before this is not even worst the drive uploading something new , as this is no longer synonymous with sales. u know what is going on? they approve it and two hours after u are in page 15 and u did not get noticed at all or maybe only by one buyer if u are lucky … and sales are not here no matte what with all changes and so on, so what is the point of rushing the review anyway? in addition , it depends on the category that u belong to but the fact of the matter is that for GR now this is quite short at this time no more than 3 days which is kind of quick

Check this An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times)