Extortion of a Viserlab developer

I rarely encounter such developers on evanto who engage in extortion and manipulation of the license for evanto goods.

I bought a script from this developer and didn’t use it for a long time because it was crude and not working. The license I had and tied to the domain, this project I have not developed and left, time has passed domain has long been inactive.

I decided to resume the project, during installation I need to keep the license, it did not work, because the domain was already activated on this license.

I went to the developer, where I was gently sent to hell and offered to extend support.

Hence the question what to do if my license was stolen and used, it turns out that I must pay again to restore the license for which I had already paid.

Many other developers from whom I bought the products have always been happy to reset the old domain for my license, without any additional fees.

If we take Evanto’s support policy the manipulation and extortion by the developers is legal?

Here’s the thing. One license is for one website. If you change the website, you will need to purchase the item again - although some authors are providing the “free” support for the domain change but according to the marketplace policy/terms, the author is not required to provide support if you need to change the domain name especially long after your “current” support expired.

At this case, either you will need to purchase another copy or get the “extension” of the support to get your issue resolved.

The question is why then they do not immediately sell the domain together with the license, for what this license is needed, as I understand it, in order to engage in extortion. I bought the code, not the domain name. Where in the policy does it say that the domain is part of the license?

“One license per each customized end product”

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It’s kind of a paradox, so dumb that you can’t use your merchandise to pay for support in the future. You’ve already paid once now you have to pay again without even touching the product.

And evanto does nothing to correct this absurdity, when you pay for support you don’t know that they will help you, in 70% of cases they forget about you and don’t contact you.

Are the words domain there?

It is the “end product”. It doesn’t have to be listed as “domain” or website or anything else.

For this reason and there is a reason for extortion blurring the conditions for support, evanto supports extortion by developers. I never thought I would encounter it here.

As the site assures us that here we buy a ready tested product, but this is not the case. When you’ve paid to put it away in the pantry and want to take it back but can’t anymore, you’ll be offered to pay again. There’s a high level of hypocrisy.

Your current item comes with 6 month support. If you don’t use it on time, it’s your problem. Don’t expect lifetime support for the item that you have purchased for 20-60$.

Let’s assume you bought a TV from a store with “free delivery” service. The store delivered the TV to your current address and you didn’t use it for a long time. Then you decided to give it to your sister/brother and you called the store to take the TV from your house to your sister’s/brother’s.

When they asked “fee”, then you start to complain about why you should pay fee (support) when you have the product already paid. This is the same case. If it doesn’t make any sense, it’s your problem, like it or not. Don’t blame the policy if you didn’t read and understand before purchasing.

You understand they deliberately block the installation of the script. Do not allow to activate the script. Honest developers do not do this, if the license does not work on the domain it can be installed on a new one, the main thing that the domain was not in the network. This is normal practice. But these developers have found a method to engage in criminal activity deliberately blocking products, on the official and legal site. That’s the thing, why I and in

One license on one domain. If you were honest and respect the work from the author, you’d be paying the support that you’d be asking instead of complaining.

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