External Images - What about camo.envatousercontent.com?

Hey mates,

on the occasion of the New Year I implemented a rebranding from Berlin-InEar to Berlin-StockSounds.
All new graphics are located on my server, but are obviously copied to camo.envatousercontent.com automatically. As I updated them gradually I realized that once copied the old version is used. Is there any interval for checking, if the used links to my server contain updated content?

Apart from this: happy new year, mates!
Berlin-StockSounds (TAFKAB) :wink:

If you’re talking about the cache you could try to add ?1 after each image url in your product description. Faced a similar issue with the envato camo cache.


should be


They’ve cached the image URL so if you change the original image behind your source, camo won’t recognize changes so you have to manipulate the string to another one by adding an useless and unnecessary parameter to the image so it get’s refreshed instantly.

Otherwise, just wait for camo to refresh their cache. Might take some time.

Hope I could help you.

Alright thanks for your help!

envato caches only images that are not on a https server. If you don’t want envato to cache your images and be able to swap them out when you like, make sure to link to them with https. Of course your webserver needs to support https.