Extended Support Is Not Adequate

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For the most part, it seems that “common sense” is faulty, illogical, and irrational reasoning. This is exactly what i have noticed with the service “extended service”. Let me break it down to a more simple understanding.
Let’s say that I bought a theme and withing the 6 months of free support i manage to get everything sorted and all is functional. So far so good, right? What happens when updated version of theme is wrong and breaks the functionality of the site after the expended time of support? Why buyers (which at the end of the day are the bosses as without them nothing works. Basically, no money no business) do have to pocket in for an extended support when it isn’t they fault why the site broke, without forgetting that the user is loosing money when site is down because of the faulty/buggy update. Also, must remember that author in order to invests mainly only time for any projects, whereas buyers have to spend time and money and yet buyers are more exposed to lose when things go wrong by authors. What authors loose when things go wrong?

With this message i hope to raise awareness and ask you to see things from a different angle. If things and rules don’t change then i strongly believe that users with get annoyed and look elsewhere for an alternative.

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You can always contact author using contact form on profile page without paying. I think author will help you with update. Maybe you skipped some important update step

Hi Monkeysan thanks for the feedback.

I have contacted author several times and explained the issue. I even created a detailed video so he/she can distinguish the issue easier. After all that he/she refuses to help. It’s the first time happening and the first author doing this. I have had experiences in the past with other authors, and they’ve contributed to solve a simple issue without having to purchase a new extra extended license. This extended license has given author power by ignoring all simple things.

Speaking as a buyer and simply in the interests of fairness - if you need support to fix things, how do you know the issue is with a ‘faulty/buggy update’?

Could it not be an update to core WP? To do with a code change that a buyer has made? Related to a plugin conflict? It seems unlikely that the author would leave a buggy update in place that impacts everyone.

Again how do you know - “when it isn’t they fault why the site broke”?

With respect (again speaking as a power buyer and not an author), there is a lot of slightly skewed opinions in this and other threads, and it’s very important to keep in mind the way marketplaces like this work.

Go to your profile–>Downloads and leave a review.