Extended Licenses for Motion Graphics

Are there any plans to review the licensing options for motion graphics clips at some point? There used to be an extended license, but then they got rid of it. Most other categories across the marketplaces have an extended license, why not motion graphics?

True story…

I’m minding my own business one day and I get an email through my website, where I post a bunch of my stuff. There’s a lady asking about some of Mars clips and asking how she can license them. There’s a link to each item on the site, but still, I send her some links via email.

She gets back to me saying thanks, you’ve got some great stuff, you really should charge more for them. I explain that Envato set the prices, but she was more than welcome to buy multiple licenses as they’d make excellent gifts for friends and family. She didn’t for some strange reason. But anyway, she did buy half a dozen or so single use licenses.

Turns out they’re making a documentary on Mars that is going on a new paid subscription video site that was set up by the dude who set up the Discovery Channel. Lovely. But if there was an extended license then rather than paying X, they would have paid X times by 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever. Sounds like they would have been happy to pay that based on her comments.

But anyway… music, website, graphics, AE templates… they all have extended licenses, some considerably higher priced than the standard licenses. Why no love for motion graphics?

Just to raise this point again… I had ten sales from one guy yesterday. He bought 9 motion graphics clips and 1 image from Photodune. He bought a standard license for the 9 motion graphics clips and an extended license for the still image.

Now there is the possibility that he only needed regular licenses for the videos, but seeing he was buying a bunch of similar items which are quite likely to be used for the same project, if he needed an extended license for the image, then it;s quite likely he would have needed an extended license for the videos… if such a thing existed.

So whereas I got about $50 and Envato got about $50… I could have got about $150 and Envato could have got about $150. He obviously wasn’t adverse to paying the extra or he wouldn’t have bought the image.

I’m just curious why certain categories have extended licenses and why others haven’t, why certain categories used to have extended licenses and no longer have, and whether there are any plans to revisit this in the future? It’s just a bit of a kick in the nuts when you see other people making money from your work, and you’re getting $25 a clip, for example, and people can be making money from a GraphicRiver item or a ThemeForest item, and the author is making $1250 for a $25 item.

If a member of staff could chime in on this it would be much appreciated.