Extended License use in marketing materials?

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well…

I’d like to purchase a design element from GraphicRiver for use in a product label.

I’ve managed to determine that I need an extended license to use it in a design on a product intended for resale.

I want to know if an extended license allows you to make use of the design element in promotional material such as posters etc. that are not for sale or do you need an additional license for further use outside of the end product itself?

i.e. Can I purchase an extended license and then use the graphic element on a retail product label as well as on accompanying promotional media such as posters or flyers for example?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :blush:


You will need additional license for use in another end product as posters. Because your extended license will cover only graphic element on a retail product label. Actually each license (regular or extended) will cover only a single end product/project.


Thank you very much for clarifying this for me…

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