Extended license download


I recently purchased a Skote Extended license.
Where should I download the Extended license?
I downloaded it from my account, but it seems to be downloaded as a Standard license.
Please let me know where I can download the Skote extended license.

And what I bought is a permanent license, in this case, can I download the license from my account forever?

Hi @shgoo,

Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect the purchase code:

The license you bought is a permanent license for a single end product. and your downloaded license will be your purchased license (if you purchased extended license then it will extended license otherwise regular license). You can download the license again and again from your account Download page anytime when you will need it.


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Then can I continue to use the latest version of the product forever?

yes, you can. You are allowed to download (lifetime of the item) the latest version from your account.