Extend item support which is already expired and you are not even the purchaser

Hello I am a Web Developer and joined a company newly. The company website is build by an agency and they used Moderno theme for creating the website. The thing is that since the company is not technical and it passed 8 months and the agency did a lot of customizations inside the theme.
Now I just want to renew the support of Moderno theme as I have purchase code and you can cross check that only we are using that purchase code in our website
Moderno supports denied saying only the theme purchaser can extend or renew the support but the account with which theme is purchased, agency is not giving us the access.
In this connection I really want to renew the support of moderno theme so that I can remove the customizations made by the agency and there are fatal errors on our live website. since our company is a medium size business which is expanding it is very important for us to have stable and updateable website (link removed)

You can purchase a new copy.

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