Expression theme not showing in downloads

I am having a problem and trying to reach out to Envato for support. I have the email showing purchase 1/2013 but it is not showing up in my downloads. I need the license or certificate number. Help. Site is broken.


This is the link to Envato Market Help and Support:

Because the waiting queue can be a bit long due to a high volume of requests, one thing I’d recommend checking before opening the ticket is if you are using the same email address to log in.

You should use for the login on Envato Market the same email address as the one in which you have the purchase proof.

I this helps a bit, but please let me know if you have any other questions.

I did submit a help ticket but what I REALLY NEED are answers from Pexeto. Because of a snafu at your end, I am unable to see the link for the original download (copy of purchase acknowledgement attached).

My client is about to drop me. We cannot wait several days for a response.

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 2.37.44 PM.png

Are you sure you’ve used this current account to buy the theme? Because your username is “ruthie1” but username on the screenshot is just “ruthie” (and such username do exists on the marketplace since 2012). The item wouldn’t just vanish from your account unless you’ve asked for refund or something like that.

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If you joined in April 2013 but you purchased in Jan 2013, then this cannot be the right account - it would not have existed.

Just to be very clear - it is the author who you need to speak to and not envato. However, it’s worth mentioning too that a purchase from 2013 is going to be well outside support periods, and you will almost certainly need to pay to extend support if it is anything beyond needing to download the latest copy.