Express Install Service issues: clients messing up installation

I’ve been an envato service provider for long and I’ve completed over 340 installations to date.

I’ve seen some problems happen again and again and think it’s time new rules are applied to prevent these issues.

My first issue is that a lot of times I do the installation and complete everything and submit work and then the clients logs in, changes things around and messes things completely and then gets back to me saying" it’s not complete and I won’t approve until you fix it"

This ranges from simple image or page deletion to complete WordPress reset and I need to start from scratch!

I really think the client shouldn’t be allowed to do any changes to the site until he approves the job.

What do you think?


Yes I think you are right & that is fair. My opinion.

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I am glad you agree with my suggestion and hope more people would support that so envato would give it more attention.

I thought this was logic on behalf of the customer. Have you contact Envato Support in regards to this matter?

Envato support would help only if I go to dispute which is something I try to avoid most of the time.

But they can’t change the rules.

Not in the sense of a dispute, but actually contact them and have a chat regarding this subject? Maybe they have feedback from other providers like yourself that have run into similar issues?

I could do that, although in all the past times I tried to contact them with similar suggestions, I would only get a reply like" we will share your thoughts with our team" and never have they contacted me with a follow-up or I have seen any changes, that’s why I stopped contacting them for such issues.