Exporting Multiple Layers to EPS Files

Hi. I am using Illustrator CS6. I have made my icons in multiple layers in a single artboard. Now i have exported all the layers to .eps files with “MultiExporter.jsx” but it exports eps version 16 while graphicriver accepts eps8 or eps10. I have installed Illustrator 10 but it does not support the MultiExporter.jsx script. Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance…

Open your file in Illustrator and go to File - Save as.
Under the file name you will find “Save as type” and pick “Illustrator EPS” , click save and an "EPS Option "window will appear. Be sure to select Illustrator 10 EPS and click Ok.

You might want to open the file to check if everything is ok because sometimes there are problems with EPS 10 format, especially related to text and gradient fill and transparency.