Export camera data from C4d into AE?


how do i do this?


Select an object in c4d,right click apply tag>external composit tag to it.in the render option check the box external compositing,after effects.save.Cinema will generate an .aec file.open ae,import the aec file.there will be a camera,and a null .the null is the c4d object previously taged,and camera will have key frames data of c4d.It is not easy for me and my english to explain that in 6 lines, but in real world it is very easy.if you want i set up a 5 minutes video 4 you .


baf2681 my friend, check out this topic , there´s a nice script that exports camera data from c4d into ae, and without the rotation that usually comes up when you do it the normal way with comp tags



hops sorry i thought it was “Export camera data from C4d into AE” and not export data from After Effects to Cinema 4D :slight_smile:


thanks. ill give it a try.